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"We treat you the way we want to be treated"‚Äč
Dr. Tan Pham: " I love dentistry and enjoy my work. Everyday in practice, my main goal is to provide the best dental care to my patients. I want to treat my patients the way I want to be treated and honesty is the backbone in my dental practice."


Esthetic Front Teeth Remodeling

Patient presented with severe front teeth wear, discoloration and spacing. Patient desired to have his teeth fixed. 

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Since some lower front teeth have worn nearly to nerve, root canal therapy was first performed. Then the teeth were crowned with Esthetic Bruxzir Anterior material. This is a new high strength material for front teeth with no metal basement, so no black line at gum level and still strong enough to withstand strong chewing habit.

Gummy Smile

Patient's chief complaint was "I hate my gummy smile". After evaluation, it was detected that she has excessive bone around her teeth at high level nearly to her crown level.

We performed esthetic osseous crown lengthening surgery under local anesthesia to remove excess bone and re-contour bone around her six front teeth. Her gum following bone then healed to ideal level and her front teeth look longer. Patient reported to have minimal and very tolerable pain after surgery.